Thursday, 5 August 2010

WaterWorks - Diary of an Instructor 3

This class was the best WaterWorks class I have taught so far. Both my class participants and myself were on absolute highs afterwards! There must have been something in the chlorine!
They were all clearly enjoying themselves, and I really felt that we all connected well today. They don't normally communicate together in the pool much, but today they were having a good old sing along and giggeling away with each other.
Their getting used to the choreography now which is allowing them to work harder, and feel the results more than when they started.
I even got some pouts in the sexy core training track!
And, I got my first pregnant lady too! She said she found the intensity spot on, especially with the easier options as she only has a few days to go, she wasn't 100% sure about doing the core training so apart from when performing the mermaid she kept her feet on the floor for the rest of the exercises.

WaterWorks is the way forward!

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