Sunday, 29 August 2010

Day one of the Detox!

The detox has begun.....
I need to rid my body of all the horrible toxins which are now residing within!

So my diet still needs a bit of work, but as I'm at home and not doing my own food shopping I'll look at that when I get back to Loughborough!

Tomorrow I will post what exercise I have done, what food I have eaten, how much water I have drank, etc

Here is the challenge...I'm going to the cinema at one with my sister! uhoooooh that normally for me means  fanta and either a bag of maltesars (to myself) or popcorn.

Is the end of my detox in sight already? Fingers crossed no!

Rules so far
-Lots and Lots of water
-A cup of green tea a day
-No sweets, chocolate, crisps, alcohol
-No sugary drinks
-Heap loads of fruit

Can you think of any other rules I need to add to my detox?


kirstyb said...

a mcdonalds on a sunday keeps the doctor away? lol xxxxx

Fitness freak said...