Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sculptress Trial

I have recently completed a trial I did of Maxitone Sculptress shake and capsules. I have monitored my progress after using the shakes and capsules for one week.

I got the Sculptress bundle of One tub of Sculptress Shake, one pack of Sculptress Capsules and one Maxitone Shaker. all for just £29.99.

Maxitone recommend that you take the shake twice a day and take the capsules three times a day, on an empty stomach. If you are going to begin taking Sculptress as Maxitone suggest then I would recommend getting two different flavours of shakes. I had Strawberry and after taking two shakes a day, I am now unfortunately sick of it! However, I did feel the benefits of taking the Shakes, I had more energy (probably due to the caffeine in them) and feel they aided me in recovery. The Capsules were easy to take and easy to carry around.

There were a few challenges I faced. This was meant to be a 7 day trial running from Monday -Sunday, unfortunately I was struck down with a cold on the Friday and Saturday and so I did not take the shakes that or capsules on either day! I then had to extend the trial to the Tuesday. Easter Sunday also fell dure in my trial, a day which I completely over indulged in chocolate (I am eating a cream egg as we speak)

These are my before and after photos. Bearing in mind these were only taken a week and two days apart. I would definitely recomend Sculptress.


My next maxitone mission is going to be their Definity range.

Definity is Maxitones toning range where the Shake is £18.99 and the CLA tablets are £9.99.

Instead of getting the Shakes and Capsules, I think i will go for the Flavia Starter Kit instead Included is the Shakes, Definity crisp bars, Maxitone gym bag and Maxitone shaker. all for £49.00 saving you £16.96!
Definitly going to go for banana flavour this time!

If you have ever tried any of the Maxitone range let me know how you found it!
If you want to order Sculptress now click here


kirstyb said...

far too much caffeine in it for moi xxxx

Fitness freak said...

says she who lives off of coca cola and red bull....

Anonymous said...

the pictures above show before and after as far as i can see this lady is slim anyway and i cant see any difference in the after picture at all in fact i think she looks slimmer inthe before pic or maqybe this is just me ... ive just started the shakes hope they work i need to get down from 12 to a 10 and ill be happy.....

Fitness freak said...

You won't be able to see a massive difference as it was only a 7 day trial, both my stomach and arms became more defined after the Sculptress trial. Good Luck with your shakes! They won't work wonders by themselves but together with healthy eating and an exercise plan they are great! Let me know how you get on with them! xx

Anonymous said...

the shakes mix well but taste vile and keep repeating on me will try and keep at it

Fitness freak said...

Oh no! What flavour did you get?

lesley said...

hi i got strawberry it my 3rd day they still not getting any easier to drink lol

Fitness freak said...

Oh no! Such a shame you don't like them, have you tried mixing with semi or skimmed milk? I'm not a fan of strawberry either, I take the banana ones myself.

The definity go shakes in chocolate taste beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been taking maxitone for just over 3 weeks,

I had a baby in August last year making him now 12 months old, I have not until recently been right after child birth and have undergone 3 ops so excercise hasn't been easy! I had lost a tiny bit of weight until I tried the sculptress. I was so depressed at my size before pregnancy I was a size 8 and after I was a size 18 and could easily eat 6 dough nuts a day (craving) anyway I was at my wits end, I had tried all sorts, I have been taking maxitone and doing moderate excercise and lost on average 6-10lb a week. I could put more work in to it and excercise more, I'm just tired with the little one. I really recommend this product! I found it hard to drink on day 1 but now I love them! I feel more confident in myself which has even helped my marital life as I changed completely due to my insecurities with my weight. Try it for at least a month to see how this miracle powder works!!