Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ask Sophie...

DeanDean: I'm 56 yrs old. is running good for me? i'm lucky though that don't have high blood pressure and not obese but my tummy is getting big due to sitting all day at the office. i play table tennis at least 30 minutes everyday but needs to do other forms of exercise to make my abs flat like i used to have when i was a gardener.

Sophie: There are many significant benefits of running for people as they get older. Many people take up running when they feel they can no longer take part in contact or team sports. After the age of thirty many physiological changes take place in a persons body such as; reduced muscle mss, reduced muscle elasticity, decreased aerobic capacity, declined lung elasticity reduced bone density, slower metabolism and an increase in body fat.

The health benefits of running for older people are the same for the younger participants, such as; less risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer. Improved mobility and weight control. As people get older the risk of developing any of the conditions listed in above grow, alongside this, the benefits of running increase also.

My advise to you would be to get a quick check up at the doctors to ensure that you are able to begin your exercise safely, then begin your running programme slowly.

Start by taking brisk walks 2-3 times per week for around 20 minutes, for 2 weeks.
Then progress to short runs, running for 5 minutes walking for 5 minutes, for 20-30 mins, for 2 weeks.
Progress to running for 10 minutes walking for 5 for two weeks then your good to go!
After this you can run for longer, to where you feel your limit is.

Happy running!

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deandean said...

hey...what a pleasant surprise being answered by a professional health and fitness coach!!!thank you for taking time...and of course, for the recommendation...I'll try doing some of your tips..and maybe I'll buy that bike I've been eyeing for come next pay day..lol

more power and again, thanks.

kirstyb said...

there was an 81 year old man running the brighton marathon on sunday! Just thought i would add that useless comment xxx

Anonymous said...

hi i have a question!! i want to get fit for summer and i was wondering what the best way for me would be baring in mind that i am keen to get better cardio as i have gone years without proper exercise! ..and above all i'd like to achieve a really toned flat stomach and toned thighs. any tips?? i'm 21 years old xo