Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Inspiration

I have been asked quite alot how I keep myself motivated to keep up with the amount of exercise that I do, how do I make myself get out of bed a go to the gym at 7am 4 days a week, and undertake around 4-5hours of exercise a day. My answer....I found inspiration in these women...
Niamh McGuirk
                                Tanya Walker                                                                                                                   Rachel Cohen

These inspirational women are all energetic, lively lasses with great personalities. As Les Mills Trainers I can only imagine the training they undergo, one day I aim to be just like these women and hopefully inspire others as they do me, I've started my journey to follow in their footsteps and already teach Body Combat, Body Pump (Naimh did my Pump module training which is where this all started), Body Step and Body Jam. I have the best job in the world, it infact is not a job at all, the fact that I get paid for doing what I love is a massive bonus (don't tell anyone, but I would do it for free!)

When I wake up at 6am and really can't be bothered to get up and go for a two hour work out, hello snooze button, I ask myself...Would Niamh stay in bed?
When I finish a day of lectures and want to sit infront of the TV instead of going for a run, I ask myself...Would Tanya be this lazy?
When I can't be bothered to jump around in my bedroom or the studio on my own learning new choreography (which is actually really fun) I ask myself...Would Rachel be this slack and risk not knowing her chore properly?
I believe the answer to all of the above is...NO.
When I want to indulge in my body weight of chocolate I ask myself...Would either Niamh, Tanya or Rachel do this? The answer, I reakon probably yes ;) nothing can keep me away from a cream egg!
Also, I really want Tanya's shorts...but their sold out :(
My inspiration is the drive of knowing that one day I may be able to be like these motivational women, once you have found your motivation, always keep it in your mind.

Thankyou girlies :D You all rock! Kia Kaha!

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Nicole Joy said...

Wow I haven't heard of these ladies but their figures are definitely inspiring!

Fitness freak said...

I know their amazing arn't they! They are all Les Mills Programme Presenters/ Trainers/ Directors with abs to die for!!!