Monday, 11 March 2013

Pre Workout Nutrition

What you consume before your workout can make or break your performance. So many people place a huge emphasis on their post workout nutrition, and their is absolutely no question that post workout nutrition is ESSENTIAL, but pre workout nutrition is vital.

Think about how you feel exercising on an empty stomach; weak, light headed, you might just put in half of the effort that you could be putting in. If you start a workout on an empty stomach then your glycogen stores will already be depleted resulting in your body utilising muscle as a source of energy. I don't need to tell you that is bad news do I?

How well does you car work without petrol?

If you can't push yourself to your limits, what is the point in working out?

Imagine your workout straught after a bowl of pasta, you may feel sluggish, tired, sick and get stomach cramps. If you haven't given your body enough time to digest the food then it will have a detrimental effect on your workout.

For my pre workout nutrition I swear by Formula 1 Sport, one hour before training. With carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals it is spot on for fuelling me through my gruelling and often lengthy workouts.

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