Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Query...I want to loose weight, should I just do cardio cardio cardio?


Cardio is great for loosing weight and for burning fat if you are working in the correct heart rate zone,

but a mixture of cardio and resistance training, and a healthy diet is the best combination if you want to drop the pounds.

Resistance training boosts your metabolism (the rate at which you burn fat and calories), which means that you will be burning more fat and more calories at rest! You need to keep mixing up your workout programme every 4 - 6 weeks to keep your body guessing to enable yourself to continue speeding up your metabolism and maintaining it.

20 minutes of resistance training 3 times a week is sufficient to gain the results that you need. This is not a substitute for cardio exercise. Try combining it with 30-40 minutes of to gain optimum results. Worried that resistance training will bulk you up? Click here to find out what you actually have to do to 'bulk' up.

If you are unfamiliar with resistance training just drop me a comment or an email at barrettsfitness@googlemail.com for some help and advise on what to do in your gym programme.


tallmama said...

HI! so I have a question (or two)
why is there a 'danger' zone on the heart rate chart? What is the danger?
Also when I work out in the 'correct' zones, I hardly break a sweat and don't feel like I'm working (I'm 37 female resting hr of 58)

Also when ever I start doing weights I immediatly stop loosing weight. Why is this? I've stuck to it for a month or so to see if it's just an adjustment time but no luck. So back to just doing cardio.. (lost 42lbs so far, about 55 to go to my ultimate goal)


PenPot said...

I've got a bit of resistance training in my current workout. I do 4 arms, 2 legs and 4 abs and combine it with 10 mins on cross trainer, 8 on stairmaster, 5 on wave and 5 on bike. Sound good?
And then combat and attack few times a week.
Love reading your blog. I'm turning into a little fitness freak ^.^

kirstyb said...

Is the power plate ok my lovely ? oh and text me back! x