Monday, 4 January 2010


Have you tried using supplements to help you loose weight?
Along with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise supplements can work wonders.
Calorie controlled. Sounds bad, but it isn't, all you need to be doing is burning off more calories in a day than your consuming.

The Supplement I currently use is Maximuscle Promax Diet. You can take it to replace a meal, but I take it after a workout. It comes in three flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry and banana. A 1.2kg tum of Promax diet is £43.99 on

Alternatively you could take Thermobol tablets, also from maximuscle. £35.99 for a tub of 90 capsules (3 caps a day) from the Maximuscle website.

I personally wouldn't take capsule due to personal opinion, but many people have had success with them.

Maximuscle often do offers such as buy 3 get 1 free, with free delivery and a free maximuscle shaker for the shakes. Normally £4.99

For a cheaper option maximuscle products are also available from

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