Thursday, 25 February 2010


I have recently started going running again, I have been 3 times this week and absolutly love it! I did 45 minutes today around Loughborough and was very pleased with myself, I wish I knew how far I had gone though to monitor my improvements more accurately

What I want to try is the Nike+ which helps you track your distance, pace, time and calories you have burned dure in your work out. You can send your run stats into Nike via the internet to help keep record of your improvements, set goals, join challenges and connect with friends.

If you run with music then you can use Nike+ through your ipod. If you run without music you can use a Nike+ sport band.

Its simple and easy to use, all you have to do is slip the Nike+ sensor under the sock line of a Nike+ ready shoe, the sensor talks to devise (either ipod or sport band), which records everything about your run.

Part of your sport band slips out and fits directly into the USB port of your computer, which then uploads to the Nike+ website. If you use your ipod, you can sync it with the Nike+ website through Itunes, which then automatically sends all your information to Nike+. One of the best parts about it...Whilst you are running you can hear how far you have left to go through your ipod can hear through ipod headphones how far you have left to go, giving you the perfect amount of motivation whilst listening to your favourite tunes!! Visit to become a member of the worlds largest running club.

My current running shoes...I bought years ago but are still in great condition!

The shocks at the back absorb all the shock perfectly preventing pain in my knees and shins. These however are definitely on my wish list for my perfect pair of Nike+ running shoes!

And the perfect T-Shirt to go with it...The Human Race!


kirstyb said...

great post! i want one of those things sounds ever so confusing but that may just be due to the fact I have had far too much caffeine to even think about concentrating! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fitness freak said...

haha kirst you only like this because it involves clothes talk!xxx